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Two Wineries Serve Great Tastes & More At Broadway At The Beach

Posted in Dining

Do you enjoy experiencing different wines? Would you like to learn more about the wine-making process and sample several wines along the way? Are you adventurous enough to try wines that are untraditional or unusual?

In one afternoon at Broadway at the Beach, you can visit two wineries, experience wines you love and discover new tastes.

Savoring an enjoyable glass of wine can be one of the high points of any day. But selecting a new wine to try or serve to guests can be challenging. A guided wine tasting can introduce you to new favorites in categories you enjoy or surprise you as you discover a new taste that delights you.

At Coastal Carolina Winery, you can enjoy a wine tasting of seven different wines. Wines are also served by the glass and the bottle. Wine slushies are offered as special treats.

A trip to this winery doesn't have to be adults only. The kids can enjoy a non-alcoholic blueberry slushy and join you as you learn how wine is made. The whole family can explore the wine tanks, bottle machine and see how the bottles are corked.

At Coastal Carolina Winery, there are also unique wine-related souvenirs, tee shirts, and handmade Carolinas pottery that will dazzle you with its artistry. Foodies will enjoy sampling items from the winery's own selection of chutney, salad dressings, sauces and dips.

Over at Boardwalk Winery, charming wine labels highlight special types of wines that will evoke memories of warm days and cool evenings at the beach. This small, gourmet winery specializes in wines that (as the winery staff likes to say) are a "vacation in a bottle."

Wines here range from dry to sweet. Traditional white and red wines are offered, but you won't want to miss the chance to taste the unique flavors of their fruit wines like blackberry and mango-peach blends.

Their wine tasting room provides opportunities to sample special wines with irresistible names like "Endless Summer," "Ocean Breeze," "Cruzin," and "Summer Nights."

And, if you're from out of town or want to send a gift, Boardwalk Winery will ship your selections for you.

Make time to experience the wineries of Broadway.