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Faces of Broadway: A Salute to Service of Broadway’s Operation Manager and US Veteran, Aram Noorigian

Veteran's Day is a day to honor all of our brave men and women that answer the call to serve and protect the United States of America! Although it's only one day on the calendar, we honor our veterans every day! On this day, we are honoring and thanking one of our very own, Chief Petty Officer, Aram J. Noorigian also known around here as our Broadway at the Beach Operations Manager.

Aram recently took a quick break from the busyness of the day to day operations at Broadway to tell us a little bit more about him and his service to the U.S.A.! Check it out below as we salute the service of Aram and all our veterans!

Name: Aram J. Noorigian

Rank: E-7 Chief Petty Officer

What branch did you serve? And for how many years? "8 years United States Navy. 16 years United States Coast Guard."

Why did you decide to join? "I always wanted to join the Navy when I was younger and to serve my country. My Uncle Aram served United States Army WW2. My Uncle Jimmy served United States Navy WW2, my father Leon served United States Marines WW2. My Grand Father served United States Army Suicide Squad WW1."

Where all has your military career taken you? "Went to basic training Great Lakes Illinois 1980 and went to Engineman A School after completing Boot Camp. Stationed in Holy Loch Scotland onboard the USS Holland AS-32 a submarine Tender. Second command was the USS Comte de Grasse DD-974 a Spruance Class Destroyer flew to Oslo Norway to meet the ship which was on a 6 month North Atlantic NATO cruise. Joined the Navy Seabees Naval Mobile Construction Battalion stationed in Puerto Rico. Joined the US Coast Guard Stationed in Baltimore, went to the Middle East Patrol Forces South West Asia Operation Iraqi Freedom stationed in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Louisiana as a first responder during Katrina. Stationed at Station Ft Macon Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue. Deep Water Horizon in St. Mary's Branch Louisiana. Portsmouth Virginia attached to the Naval Engineering Division supporting the fleet."

What is your best memory serving? "Onboard the USS Comte de Grasse during the NATO Cruise. We were with 21 allied country war ships. We were the lead ship The Flag Ship of the fifth fleet, we were the 3rd. strongest ship in the world and I loved looking up onboard that ship seeing the American Flag majestically blowing in the wind. It was an honor."

How long have you been the Operations Manager at Broadway? "9 years."

What is your favorite thing about working at Broadway? "The excitement and fun. It's an honor."

If you could go back in time, would you have chosen to enter the military? "Yes…definitely."

(Pictured: Aram and his girlfriend, Trina, after a local Veteran's Day assembly.)

From all of us at Broadway at the Beach, we thank all of our veterans and especially you, Chief Petty Officer Aram J. Noorigian!