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Broadway at the Beach Welcomes Two New Stores

Posted in Broadway at the Beach , Shopping

Two new specialty shops have recently opened at Broadway at the Beach, Caribongo and FantaSea. Caribongo features sun activated, color changing t-shirts and other accessories. Through the use of their unique photochromic technology, ultra-violet (UV) light changes the molecular structure of the photochromic inks allowing them to absorb color. The inks undergo a temporary physical change in which the molecules change state and appear colored, and when the UV source (sunlight) is removed, the molecules return to their original state and the inks lose their color. FantaSea is a coastal home accessories specialty store offering a wide variety of natural and handcrafted unique items from all over the world, many of which are exclusive to the company. FantaSea offers guests the opportunity to explore the nature of the sea and experience the passion and beauty that goes along with it, taking them back in time to days of wonder and relaxation by the shore. Both stores will be open during Broadway at the Beach’s regular shopping hours and are great places to pick up a unique gift for that special someone or for yourself.